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Shasta Stories is currently on a Listening Tour to hunt for local stories, history, and individuals to feature in upcoming episodes 

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Rich Edwards

The Richest Man in Town

An artist painting in Mount Shasta since the late 1980s

Two-Leaf Meadows

A Visionary of the Spirit

A blind man from the Cherokee's Bird Clan plays his flute, throws tomahawks, and chops wood


The Travelers

Our Backyard Gypsies

Past stories and current feelings of what it means to be a hippie in Mount Shasta

John 'Scruff' Case

A Gold Miner With A Heart of Gold

President of the Eagle's Lodge builds miniature golf courses, bar-room Olympics, and laser shows with a skeleton in the closet

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Peter Mt. Shasta

A Man Named After The Mountain

New York born spiritual author shares his journeys and conversations with Saint Germain

The Germans

Humor, Even Through War

Two women from Germany tell of surviving WWII as children and how they remain playful even in their old age

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'Handsome'John Redmond

The Mayor Who Makes Sushi

Michigan born man hitchhiked west and became a mayor who makes sushi at his facetiously eponymous pub

A community centered documentary series highlighting the humanity, history, humor, and fortitude of Siskiyou County locals & culture

The Skizers, Geezers Who Ski

A Ski Bowl Doomed From The Start

First hand stories from the last seventy years of skiing on Mount Shasta

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Katie 'Mambo' Heflin

Online With The Divine Since '69

A gypsy tarot reader shares her world travels and how she escaped her Hollywood life

Ross Sanders

A Chip Off The 'Ol Block

A third generation logger tells of his near death experiences

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Scott & Dianna Betton

A Love Story of a Musician & a Poet

Dianna plays piano while Scott tells how they met and how they live

Bob Kemp

Life and Death of a Sharpener

Recently deceased Vietnam vet talks about working at the mortuary, sharpening knives and his own death sentence

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The Walkers

From Here to There, By Foot

Two men of different ages share that the best way to understand America is to walk across it

James Cannon

One of the Last Video Librarians

The rise and fall of Mount Shasta’s video rental store, Couch Critics, and its owner’s memory control

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Bev Wilson Hoffman

A Shepherd of Crystals

Owner of The Crystal Room plays singing bowls and minds the Universe

Jim Chambers

The Old Fart of Mount Shasta

A jovial carpenter straddles various decades amidst his trains, phones, and automobiles

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Joyce Oliver

A No-Nonsense Doer of a Woman

Owner of the Weed Mercantile since 1996 and part of Weed's active history




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This series has been funded out of pocket by Autie Carlisle as a gift to the city where she grew up.

Any additional donations are welcome and will be used to complete or continue the rest of the Shasta Stories series.


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