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in Ashland

May 3 / 6-8pm
May 17 / 6-8pm


The series highlights the humanity, history, humor, and fortitude of Siskiyou County locals and culture.

May 3rd will show episodes about the old Ski Bowl that was doomed from the start, near-death experiences from third-generation logger, Ross Sanders, tarot card reader Katie 'Mambo' Heflin and her escape from Hollywood, Two-Leaf, a blind Cherokee Native American who throws tomahawks, and two men of different generations who have walked across America...

Varsity Theatre


166 E Main Street, Ashland, Oregon

Flixx 2023.png

May 5 / 4:15pm 'Making Connections'
May 6 / 11:45am 'Humans and Nature'
May 6 / 1:30pm 'The Other Side of Change'


The 2023 FLIXX Fest will be featuring three of Autie's short documentaries, one in each shorts program mentioned above. The three films shown will be Eight Countries, Fire, Go, and Ebullient. 


430 Main Street, Etna, California

other films
in Mount Shasta

June 7 / 6-8pm / Shasta Stories
June 14 / 6-8pm / Other films by Autie


June 7 will show select episodes from Shasta Stories docuseries. 

June 14 will show four short documentaries: Fire, Go / a salty interview with a man in talent after the wildfires, Eight Countries / a fly-on-the-wall journey without borders, Ebullient / a broken cowboy has to become sober to save himself and his son, A Journey of Sound & Silence / a sound healer named Bodhi shares his instruments, process, and journey against his grandfather's advice

Mount Shasta Cinemas


118 Morgan Way, Mount Shasta, California


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