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Trailer for Season II

Shasta Stories is a web-series highlighting and celebrating the humanity, humor, magic and fortitude of the locals in Siskiyou County, Northern California.

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Katie 'Mambo' Heflin
        Online With The Divine Since '69____

A gypsy tarot reader shares her world travels
and how she escaped her Hollywood life.

Jim Chambers
        The Old Fart of Mount Shasta____

A jovial carpenter straddles various decades amidst his trains, phones, and automobiles.

Ross Sanders.00_25_50_07.Still004.jpg
Ross Sanders
        A Chip Off The 'Ol Block____

A third generation logger tells of his near death experiences.

Bev Shasta Stories WIP.00_19_12_15.Still001-2.jpg
Bev Wilson Hoffman
        A Shepherd of Crystals____

Owner of The Crystal Room plays singing bowls and minds the Universe.

Scruff Shasta Stories.00_06_34_00.Still0
John 'Scruff' Case
        A Man With A Heart of Gold____

President of the Eagle's Lodge in Dunsmuir, a gold panner, and a Bar-room Olympian.

Peter Mt. Shasta
_____A Man Named After The Mountain_____
Author and spiritual pillar of Mount Shasta.
Scott & Dianna Betton
____A Love Story of a Musician and a Poet____
While Dianna plays piano, Scott tells how they met in a pool and
now live in an octagon home in McCloud.
Rich Edwards
____The Richest Man in Town____
An artist painting in Mount Shasta since the late 1980s
James Edit for Color.00_06_23_16.Still01
James Cannon
____An Irrefutable Truth____
Video librarian and owner of Couch Critics,
Mount Shasta's living video store
Joyce final with Color.00_07_46_05.Still
Joyce Oliver
        A No-Nonsense Doer of a Woman____
Owner of the Weed Mercantile since 1996 and part of Weed's active history
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Trailer for Season I

more Shasta Stories in the making, come back again.